Licensed Psychologist (Lic # 5163)

A licensed psychologist, Chris earned his masters and doctorate degree from a specialized graduate school in the Bay Area of California in 2015. His education emphasized a place for spirituality in therapy including mindfulness and somatic type approaches. Since then he has been working in private practice in downtown Asheville and as a retreat facilitator/life coach for Prama Wellness Center. 

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About me... with you!
My Focus

I have a passion working with young to middle-aged men who are working through life's challenges and looking for insight and transformation. However, I am open to working with others who feel attracted to my style and approach. 

 Healthy Masculinity when men embody a positive self-image not based on stereotypes or material things, having positive and fulfilling relationships with others (both romantic and otherwise), letting go of shame around sexual desires/issues, and being in tune with emotions and expressing them in useful ways.  My client's have felt that I can truly understand them and the many issues men commonly face today, and help them better move toward being healthy men. 

I also am an Ally to the LGBTQ community and any so-called alternative lifestyles, so I welcome men of any background or orientation!

Hummingbird is a balance of masculine and feminine energy, and general;y considered to be a heart centered animal totem, and embodies fierce determination.

My Approach

I believe in a holistic approach to therapy, which means that I feel the importance of examining how the body and spirit play a role in wellness, and not just the mind. 

This might include exploring and incorporating your own spiritual beliefs, experiences and practices but definitly opens up the conversation for there being greater forces at work in our lives than we might be aware of. When applicable, I also incorporate mindfulness techniques and somatic awareness to help deepen self-awareness, slow down reactions and create lasting transformation.

 It may also be useful to examine features of your diet and overall lifestyle. What you eat and do with your time can directly affect your emotions and state of mind.

I work with whatever my client's goals and needs are and listen deeply to how I might be able to assist in their journey. Sometimes just the process of connecting with someone who truly cares and understands is the first part of the transformation process!
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